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If you are an artist, you might want to share your knowledge with others. Teaching art classes might be a job you want to pursue. You might do so out of a storefront, or even out of your own home. Wherever you teach, however, the classes often qualify as business operations. You ought to carry commercialimage of painters pallet insurance as a result. Because you might harm others while teaching, liability coverage needs to be on your policy. What is this coverage? How can it benefit you?

As you operate a business, you’ll work with other people. So, if you cause them harm, they might expect help. Let your liability insurance step in.

Why Art Teachers Need Liability Coverage

Teaching art means you are going to accumulate profits. One lawsuit or request for compensation might wipe out all you have worked to build. With commercial liability insurance, you can get help in case you harm others. That's a big safety requirement for your own solvency.

Art is messy. It is also manual labor. As a result, those who do it might experience harm. So, students (even experts) could get hurt in the course of work. If they do, they might hold the teacher responsible for their injuries or property losses. That’s where liability insurance comes into play.

Let’s say that during a pottery class, a students burns themselves while attempting to place an item in a hot oven. They might blame you for failing to advise them on how to handle the task. They could sue or request compensation for their medical bills, lost income and more. Your liability coverage can pay many of the legal and medical costs of bodily injuries. Policies might also cover allegations personal injury, as well as property damage.

Preventing Liability Accidents

A simple mistake could harm a student. Even accidents are grounds for some actions against your school. Therefore, do what you can to prevent any harm to your students.

  • Instruct all students in appropriate handling of all materials
  • Store potentially-dangerous items in safe places
  • Do not allow inexperienced students to take on new tasks without supervision
  • If safety gear is necessary, make sure students wear them
  • Post warning notices in potentially-dangerous areas
  • Keep a first aid kit on hand in case of small accidents, and don’t hesitate to call for help in case a severe injury occurs

With even simple steps, you can increase student safety within your art studio. Nevertheless, don’t let yourself go without liability insurance. You might find it necessary in extraordinary circumstances.

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Across America, many employees are injured each year by slipping and falling in or around their workplaces. During the winter, these risks are higher. Cold temperatures and slick, icy surfaces provide more opportunities for workers to lose their balance. This can happen on parking lots, sidewalks or indoors.image of a slippery fall warning sign

Your company’s workers compensation insurance can help cover employee losses should they sustain a fail. This includes compensation for lost time at work and medical bills.

Preventing these accidents, though, is more important. Here’s what to look for to do just that.

Recognize the Risks

Visualize the way your employees come to work each day. They get out of their vehicle and approach the building. Even if they walk less than 10 feet from their vehicle to the office entrance, those 10 feet of concrete, pavement, dirt or grass provide a significant slip-and-fall risk. The individual walks into the building. This floor could be wet due to outdoor conditions. He or she proceeds to enter into the work space. The moisture from his or her shoes comes with them. This presents additional risks.

Tips for Minimizing Risks

To reduce worker fall risks, focus on keeping surfaces as dry as possible. Here are some steps to do this during icy weather conditions.

  • Hire a team to clean away any snow or ice build-up. Be sure the company does this frequently enough to reduce the pile up of snow or ice.
  • If you must, by law, see to certain pathways before others. Take care of those areas first. Then expand your de-icing techniques to other areas as needed.
  • Monitor floor conditions in the building. This is especially true in immediate doorways leading to the outdoors. This area can freeze up as well. This creates more ice.
  • Workers handling business tasks outside need proper shoes. Discuss treads on shoes with employees. Look for products that can reduce slips on icy surfaces. Mark hazardous areas where employees should avoid.
  • Keep carpets and mats clean and dry. No matter where they are in the business, keep them as clean as possible.
  • State laws usually determine whether falls in parking lots are the responsibility of the company. However, most state laws say sidewalk falls are the company's responsibility.

These tips can help reduce worker falls due to wet conditions. However, this is an ongoing problem. Being consistent is essential. Notice areas where the problem continues to persist. Look for more extensive treatment and solutions for these areas. Improving drainage, for example, can help.

If you need workers' compensation insurance coverage, contact one of our agents today at 734-421-9900.

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Posted 5:33 PM

image of couple in new businessMore and more people are choosing to go into business for themselves. Unfortunately, statistics show that many startups fail in the first 18 months.

If you are planning to launch a business, take steps to increase your chances of success. Keep the following tips in mind:

Plan for Every Aspect of Your Business

If you don’t plan for your business, then you are essentially planning to fail. A business plan is a critical component that helps you map out your business success. You can also take note of any risks you face.

With business insurance, you can mitigate risks and maximize opportunities. Business experts recommend business owners have a comprehensive business plan for their business.

Focus on Making Money

One of the most common reasons businesses fail is due to the lack of money. If you are launching a business, it’s imperative that you have a steady stream of business income.

To increase your success, increase your clientele before launching the business. You can also diversify your income. With more clients and a diversified income, you’re insulating your business revenues.

Hire Only When Necessary

Many business owners fail to run a tight ship. A feeling of inefficiency causes them to hire too many people in the beginning. When you hire too many people, you're tying up your working capital.

To prevent this, only hire people when you are growing. With a tighter ship, you’ll save money, and you’ll have more control over your business.

Focus on Value, Not Price

Customers are looking for value when it comes to products and services. They don’t want low-quality products at high prices. If you focus on building value into your products and services, your business will grow.

Protect Your Business with Business Insurance

Even with a business plan, you can’t avoid every potential business risk. When you can’t avoid a risk, consider transferring the risk by buying business insurance.

With business insurance, your insurance company bears the risk for you. This protects your business in the end. You should consider commercial property, auto, and general liability insurance for starters. Once you have that, consider industry-specific business insurance options.

You may think the odds of being successful in business are against you,. But, you can do it. Maximize opportunity and reduce the impact of business risks to increase your chances of success.

Insurance Planning Service is here to get you the best form of Michigan business insurance for your startup. If you aren't sure what business insurance you need, give us a call today at (800) 220-5582.

Posted 8:35 PM

image of warehouse workersThis might sound odd, but it's important to take action so that you can prevent business insurance claims. Even though the point of having insurance is to transfer risk so that if the worst happens, you're able to keep your business up and running, it's best to take steps to ensure that you don't have to make a claim in the first place. As you run your business, think of these three important things to help reduce risk.

Maintain Your Equipment

The best way to prevent costly repairs or the possibility of harmful accidents is to keep all machines and equipment properly maintained by adhering to each item's maintenance schedule. This includes everything from computers and ovens to high-end machines and farm equipment. Don't ignore signs of wear or glitches that happen occasionally; stop using the item and have it fixed. While it does take time, and you may have to bring in someone to do repairs, it will cost less money and stress in the long run.

Protect Your Tools and Inventory

Whether you own a small beauty salon with hundreds of dollars’ worth of products in your home or an auto body shop with parts and tools that equal tens of thousands of dollars, you need to have a security system installed to prevent break-ins. Ensure that machines are properly secured, keep expensive equipment or products in a locked case and lock all doors when the business is closed.

Prevent Theft

Employee theft happens in a number of ways, most commonly by them stealing products or raw materials or embezzling funds. Having a good inventory management system in place helps keep track of physical goods, while taking a look at your financial records on a regular basis will help you know if money is being taken. You can also require two people to sign off on sums of money over a certain amount and maintain access to all of the passwords.

It's almost impossible to prevent losses, but by implementing these measures you can greatly reduce risk in your business. Not making a business insurance claim also means that you don't lose out on income and have less paperwork to file. This isn't to say you should eliminate or reduce your insurance coverage; it's still important to have when an unpreventable circumstance occurs.

We’ll be your partner in workplace safety. Call Insurance Planning Service at (734) 421-9900 for more information on Michigan business insurance.

IPSOur new website rolled out late last month and we invite you to take a look!  

While most pages display the same content, the site now takes advantage of some of the latest techniques in web design.  Our site is no longer among the status-quo...rather is a website that pops!  We haven't seen any other insurance agency websites that employ design techniques similar to ours.

Some of the pages and menus have been re-arranged for greater ease of navigation.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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